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Monday, November 25, 2013

Time For Defense

Nova in pregame glorious flight vs UGA. Photo by Richard Stephens

 The overall sense of this writer is that the Auburn defense has been a bend but don't break defense. In the last game versus Georgia however, the defense did break in the fourth quarter. Whether Aaron Murray was down prior to the goal line or not, that drive that got them there was the real heart breaker.

 Auburn's defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson is not coaching this young team to play a "bend but don't break"  style of defense, it's turning out that way during the games. Johnson has called the big plays that opponents have been able to achieve against the Tigers "Trash Plays." That's not what happened on three consecutive drives by the Bulldogs two weeks ago. 

 "We had guys trying to make plays outside of the scheme" said Johnson, and "we had one coverage where we just completely turned a man loose in man coverage."

 Here is the entire interview thanks to

 In the upcoming battle with Alabama, the Tigers defense can not have a rash of mental breakdowns like we did against Georgia. Alabama is too good to "turn loose." They have a plethora of play makers that can score from anywhere on the field. We must play assignment football, and take away the trash plays, to give our offense the opportunities it will need to win the Iron Bowl.

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