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Friday, December 6, 2013

SEC Championship: By the Numbers

Here’s a look at the numbers for tomorrow’s

SEC Championship:
Scoring Offense38.6 PPG38.8 PPG
Rushing Offense318.25 YPG236.92 YPG
Passing Offensive172.8 YPG252.6 YPG
Total Offense491 YPG489.5 YPG
Scoring Defense22.5 PPG19.4 PPG
Rushing Defense158.8 YPG119.08 YPG
Passing Defense255.7 YPG266.3 YPG
Total Defense414.3 YPG385.4 YPG
TO Margin+1+15
3rd Down Offense45.16% (70/155)46.95% (77/164)
3rd Down Defense35.23% (62/176)36.51% (69/189)
Red Zone Offense87.5% (40 TDs, 9 FGs)88% (35 TDs, 9 FGs)
Red Zone Defense70.45% (21 TDs, 10 FGs)81.08% (19 TDs, 11 FGs)
+10-yard runs12191

(Thanks to Jon Cooper at Saturday Down South for the chart
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