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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crazy Train

Toomer's Corner the day after the Iron Bowl 2013

 I want to take "one second" here, to thank those infuriatingly awful referee's that allowed that one second to be put back on the clock. I promise that is the last time in this post.

 First, has anyone other than me noticed that the song that was being played over the JHS sound system, just prior to the snap, was "Crazy Train?" How apropos! We have been on a wild ride since that moment. A stroke of genius it was to pick that song, and play it at that exact moment in the ball game.

 To setup that fateful play, I don't have a better sporting reference to compare how it all unfolded, than boxing. So, here goes...

 Auburn landed the first good punch, a left jab to the head. AU 7 - UA 0. Then Alabama landed a furious combination to the Auburn midsection UA 21 - AU 7. Finally Auburn got it's second wind and punched the Tide right in the mouth. UA 21 - AU 14 at the break. 

 The second half started with Auburn standing at the bell, and walking right up to Alabama and throwing another punch to the face of their opponent. AU 21 - UA 21. Then the team danced around a bit, and Alabama threw the "Hay-maker" and connected! UA 28 - AU 21. To everyone's surprise, Auburn did not falter, they didn't even look stunned. Auburn gathered, and positioned itself for the body shot to tie the game. AU 28 - UA 28. 

 The final play is where everything really gets interesting. As these two teams were nearing the final bell, everyone in the audience and on one sideline was preparing for overtime. One sideline. Not, both sidelines. With Alabama seeming frustrated that the contender could go toe to toe with them, they attempted one more "Hay-maker"  and missed. That set them up for the upper-cut to end all upper-cuts, Auburn connected, and the Heavy Weight (see what I did there?) Champion was laid out on the canvas!

 Auburn fans everywhere have been burning up the rails of that "Crazy Train" ever since!

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