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Monday, December 9, 2013

SEC Champions

I am still in awe of this Auburn football team. I think that I may have seen the best performance by an Auburn Football team in an SEC Championship game. I did decide last Saturday morning to watch the game at my home so that I could really watch the game. I did go to the Georgia Dome on Saturday morning to enjoy the atmosphere and I must say that it was the largest crowd that I have seen and I have been around all of the prior games. Props to Jay Prosch and the Auburn offensive line for opening up those holes in the Missouri defense. Also, the Auburn defense did stop Missouri when it counted towards the end of the game. I have received many reports from friends who were at the game and I was told that Missouri was just not able to figure out how to stop Auburn's rushing game. Tre Mason gave a true Heisman performance with 304 yards rushing and I will just say that I am thankful that Auburn now has Nick Marshall to run the offense.  

Here is a photo of  Toomer's Corner yesterday. I had previously planned to meet friends at Moe's BBQ near Toomer's for lunch if Auburn was to win the SEC Championship game. By the way, the smoked chicken sandwich with the slaw is superb. There was a line of cars coming through Toomer's all afternoon and the "sandwich chef" at Moe's told me that he had served people from all over the Southeast. It does seem that Toomer's Corner is now a popular destination for people traveling on I-85. People were taking photos at Toomer's and the J&M Book store was crowded. It did seem that the crowd was waiting for the coveted SEC Championship tee shirts to arrive.  It was a very festive atmosphere in Auburn after that victory in the Georgia Dome on Saturday night.

Thanks to Gus Malzahn and his coaching staff for putting Auburn University back on the map of College Football. 

I am just happy to be an Auburn Tiger this morning!
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