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Monday, December 2, 2013

My Thoughts: The Iron Bowl

Oh my Lord in Heaven!

I do not know, if I will ever hear those words again, and not smile from ear to ear. The link by the way, takes you to the audio call by Rod Bramblett who is the voice of the Auburn Tigers. @VoiceofAUTigers is where you can follow him on Twitter.

 This game started as a slugfest. It was billed as an "Epic Iron Bowl", it sure lived up to the pregame hype it had received. Since the Tigers snatched victory from the jaws of defeat against Georgia, the national media has been talking about this game. Of course, very few experts gave us a chance to win the game. 
 Auburn scored the first points of the game. Alabama answered with 21 points, and was threatening to blow Auburn out. 

 Auburn answered the bell every time Alabama scored. The defense rose up in the second half, and even stopped one 'Bama drive on downs. Tremendous effort was given on every front. Steven Clark nailed some absolute killer punts that were downed inside the Alabama 5 yard line. 
 Every aspect of the Auburn team was playing well.

 Auburn missed on three big pass plays, that would have either scored, or would have resulted in a big play. Too few to pick and complain about.

 Auburn won the game because they never gave up. They refused to believe that they were going to lose the football game. Even when the whole world thought we were in for some overtime football, these young men had already decided they had other plans. This group of gallant Tigers, were making plans for Atlanta, and the SEC Championship game.

 This was a very special Iron Bowl for me personally. Meeting new friends, and finally getting to meet some of you that follow the blog, made the day. That I was able to spend it in Auburn with family and friends is a memory that I hope I keep until the day I die.

War Eagle everybody!

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