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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Iron Bowl 2013

In Celebration of our AUsome  2013 Iron Bowl win and seeing all the creative ways Auburn Family and Fans have reinvented the tradition of tree rolling, I thought it would be a good time to publish again the poem about the oaks on Toomer's Corner.
It is true that The Auburn Spirit and Tradition Cannot be Poisoned!  It will live on Forever!!

Originally Written on Feb 18, 2011

After the Iron Bowl 2010, a deranged individual poisoned the Oak Trees On Toomer's Corner.
This Poem is a Memorial to The Mighty Oak Trees!

The Mighty Oaks of Toomer's corner

from a tiny acorn grew;

There is no way of counting

the storms they have been through!

They have stood there on that corner for over 100 years!

They have witnessed joyous occasions

as well as many tears;

If those trees had ears to listen,

who knows what they have heard!

They have joined in conversations

without ever uttering a word!

If those trees possessed a heart,

Then we'd know that deep down in their soul,

They shared those prideful celebrations,

when their branches were elegantly rolled!!!

If those trees were given eyes,

and they were able to see;

They most likely saw tears and sadness

in the eyes of their enemy!

They probably sensed that he was hurting

and angry to be alone;

A person without any true friends

or a real place that he could call home!

They would probably say,

“ Pity and forgive him

for he knew not the love we’ve had!”

“Some people can only express themselves

by doing things which are bad!”

And if those trees were given a tongue

to tell just us how they feel;

They'd probably say,

“We are hanging in there….

Trying to hold on to the things that are real!”

“We are leaving you fond memories

that never will be gone!”

“For we have left behind many acorns;

And our legacy will live on!!”

“So keep on fighting Auburn Tigers,

Keep watching the War Eagle Fly!”

“Our Roots and Branches may rot away,

but our Love For Auburn will Never Die!!”

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!

poetic tiger
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