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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Iron Bowl Crunching The Numbers

#3   The number of Consecutive Championships Alabama had hoped for before Auburn got in 
        the way!

#32  The number of seconds left in the game when Auburn it tied up!
#1     1 Second  (NEED I SAY MORE?)

#56  The number of yards for a FG that Alabama needed to win the game!

#109 The number of yards Chris Davis ran for the "Famous" Touchdown that gave Auburn
          the win!!
#30    November 30, 2013 The Day Destiny Brought Down A Dynasty and Bo Jackson's
#34   The number on Bo Jackson's Auburn Jersey  AND  The number of points Auburn scored
          to win the game!

#2     The number of settings needed for Gus and Kristi at the Waffle House to Celebrate the Greatest and Most Impressive Auburn win so far in 2013!!

#365  The number of days Auburn gets to brag about bringing Bama down!!!
        Beating BAMA and Busting up
         their hopes of a National Championship 3Peat
WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!
poetic Tiger

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