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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On The First Week of Bowl Season

Well here we are. It's December 18th and the regular season has been over for weeks now and all that remains are the gazillion bowl games. Not complaining, but from now until the Championship on January 6th, there are 35 bowl games. The first 4 of them take place on Saturday. Here are the match ups and my predictions on each game this weekend.

New Mexico Bowl
December 21, 2013
2:00 PM

     In this first match up we have Wahington State against Colorado State. The Cougars are 6-6 on the year and Rams are 7-6 coming in to the bowl game. Here are a few rankings of each team according to
Washington State:
Passing Offense- 5th
Passing Defense- 108th
Rushing Offense- 125th, yes dead last
Rushing Defense- 89th
Scoring Offense- 66th
Scoring Defense- 94th
Total Offense- 54th
Total Defense- 104th
Colorado State:
Passing Offense- 41st
Passing Defense- 110th
Rushing Offense- 28th
Rushing Defense- 39th
Scoring Offense- 22nd
Scoring Defense- 79th
Total Offense- 30th
Total Defense- 76th

On paper, Colorado State looks like the obvious winner. But don't count out the Cougars. The games Washington State have an "L" beside them are very reputable opponents. Auburn, Washington, Stanford, Arizona State, Oregon, and Oregon State. And Washington State plays in a better conference. You can see where I'm going with my pick. 
Washington State

Las Vegas Bowl
December 21, 2013
3:30 PM

     This game is my Game of the Week because it faces off two teams that have played well this year and will be very fun to watch. Fresno State takes on the USC Trojans in what might turn out to be a shoot out. I guess we will see here are the rankings of the two teams:
Fresno State:
Passing Offense- 1st
Passing Defense- 118th
Rushing Offense- 70th
Rushing Defense- 35th
Scoring Offense- 3rd
Scoring Defense- 77th
Total Offense- 2nd
Total Defense- 83rd
Passing Offense- 78th
Passing Defense- 30th
Rushing Offense- 57th
Rushing Defense- 21st
Scoring Offense- 63rd
Scoring Defense- 17th
Total Offense- 75th
Total Defense- 14th

Again on paper it looks like Fesno State will put up points. USC's defense is pretty stout, but I see USC pulling it out late, finishing off a remarkable year.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
December 21, 2013
5:30 PM

     In the Potato Bowl we have Buffalo and San Diego State. To me this one is really a "coin flip" game. Both teams are pretty evenly matched up and ballanced. Here is what both teams look like on paper:
Passing Offense- 68th
Passing Defense- 23rd
Rushing Offense- 54th
Rushing Defense- 57th
Scoring Offense- 44th
Scoring Defense- 22nd
Total Offense- 65th
Total Defense- 31st
San Diego State:
Passing Offense- 35th
Passing Defense- 88th
Rushing Offense- 69th
Rushing Defense- 23rd
Scoring Offense- 58th
Scoring Defense- 89th
Total Offense- 53rd
Total Defense- 41st

San Diego State is a 1 point favorite and I just feel like Buffalo will win this one. Toss up.

New Orleans Bowl
December 21, 2013
9:00 PM

     The last matchup of the weekend is between Tulane and Louisiana Lafayette. Tulane opens as a 1.5 point favorite but I don't see it. In this matchup I think the paper team wins this one. Here are the rankings and you can make your own pick:
Passing Offense- 104th
Passing Defense- 62nd
Rushing Offense- 103rd
Rushing Defense- 17th
Scoring Offense- 87th
Scoring Defense- 23rd
Total Offense- 118th
Total Defense- 21st
Louisiana Lafayette:
Passing Offense- 76th
Passing Defense- 81st
Rushing Offense- 40th
Rushing Defense- 50th
Scoring Offense- 43rd
Scoring Defense- 72nd
Total Offense- 64th
Total Defense- 59th

I believe Louisiana Lafayette is a more balanced team overall and win this one. Tulane is the better defensive team and Louisiana Lafayette has the better offense. 
Louisiana Lafayette 

     The games only get better from here. Still a good weekend of games so be sure to tune in and catch all the fun.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @austin_preiss19 for more SEC, Auburn, and much more during this bowl season. WAR EAGLE!

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