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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Historic Night in Auburn

As I write this post, I am watching the replay of the Auburn/Alabama game. I still have to remind myself that Auburn did win that game last night on another game ending play in the closing seconds. I still remember that only a few sports writers actually picked Auburn to win this game. I heard predictions of 55-10, 45-10, 35-0 from the Bama fans while I was in Birmingham for Thanksgiving.
After arriving in Auburn, I walked towards the field and I was amazed at the people already lined up for "Tiger Walk". The atmosphere did remind me of the 2004 Auburn/UGA game; however, there were many more people on campus yesterday. I was unable to make it to Auburn for the 1989 game and I was told by several fans that the game yesterday had a larger crowd. I walked around the campus and the bars downtown were all crowded and the Auburn Arena was filling up to capacity. What a great atmosphere and day for the Auburn/Alabama football game.  
I did watch the first half in the Auburn Arena and then decided to roam around and listen to Rod and Stan. Those two guys have to be the best announcers for a college football team. They just tell it like it is and paint a great picture of the game.  I did make it back to the Auburn Arena by the start of the 4th quarter and settled in to watch the game.  Prior to the big run at the end, I ventured over to the building next to the Auburn Arena thinking that the game was going into overtime. Saban got the one second back and the field goal was returned for a touchdown by Chris Davis. We were all cheering and hugging one another. I was just thinking how fortunate I was to have attended Auburn University and experience the emotion of this win.
I did go over to the stadium and the noise was deafening. I entered the stadium and it was quite a sight to see all of the people on the field. I took some photos and just soaked up the atmosphere. A student told me that the gates were open when they thought the game was going to overtime. All of the ramps were filled with Auburn fans.
I did go to Toomer's Corner and the celebration topped all prior Auburn wins. I made it back to the Student Center to think about the game that I had just seen. I have been to many big Auburn games, but this game tops them all. What a great football game and even the replay is fun to watch. This team is on a mission which could conclude with a chance to win the "Crystal Football". Auburn 34 Alabama 28 sounds great to me. Also, I salute Gus Malzahn, his staff and the players for giving us this memorable season and night.
 We should all enjoy this win as Auburn fans and let's beat the Missouri Tigers!
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