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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Last year in November, the Auburn family was sad!
Our Auburn Tigers had fallen apart!
There was nothing left for them to look forward to;
A group of men with no fire in their heart!!

But in December prayers were answered!
We got a great gift we now call Coach Gus!!
He offered to restore pride and dignity;
And we joined together on his victory bus!!

He brought with him a great group of coaches,
Who came with a plan to rebuild and unite!!
They taught our men to have faith and believe;
And to courageously stay in the fight!!

With united hearts these men have come together!
Teams like ours aren't easy to find!!
Their greatness is part of an attitude!!
Our Auburn team is one of a kind!!

Winning the Iron Bowl was all part of Destiny!;
And Destiny caused a dynasty to crumble!!
When that last second ticked off the clock that day!;
Our Roars of victory caused the ground to rumble!!!

We carried this fire on to the Georgia dome;
Where the SEC East met the Sec West!!
Mizzou was left in our smoldering ashes!!
We are the SEC champions!! We are the Best!!

What a difference a year has made!
National Championship history is soon in the making!!
We will come back home from Pasadena victorious!;
The coveted crystal football will be ours for the taking!!

poetic tiger

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