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Thursday, December 5, 2013


It's hard to stay humble,
When we look at what got us here!!
We have overcome all adversity,
Fighting like champions without any fear!!

Last year our team seemed disconnected,
Playing as if all hope was gone!!
This year Miracles have been happening;
And we are headed to the Georgia dome!!

With the hurry up no huddle offense,
Many great things have happened so fast!!
AUBURN has risen to each occasion;
And made great memories that will last !!

We always take it one game at a time,
Pressing onward, we'll never stop believing!!
We are thankful for all our miracles;
But hard work is why we're achieving!!

Our journey is not yet over!!
There is still work to do!
We plan To claim the SEC Title this time!;
And MIZZOU We are coming for you!!!

poetic tiger

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