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Monday, November 12, 2012


 No other expression is needed. No other phrase to be uttered. Just the total disgust, and exhausted feeling that this nightmare may never end.

 This should just about sum up how I feel about the fantastic job Auburn has done on offense this season. Powered by the brain trust that is Scot Loeffler, Auburn has sunk to new lows in conference play. 

 Let's start with a look at scoring.
  Points scored per game 17.3 
  Points allowed per game 28.4

 Don't like those numbers? How about offensive production?
  First Downs total 156, Out of 584 plays that Auburn has had the   ball, only 156 first downs.
  Rushing per attempt 3.74
  Third down conversion Out of 122 third down plays that Auburn had thus far this season, they have  only made a first down 35 times. That is a 28.69% rate. 4th down is just as bad at 28.57%.
  Red Zone rates are really good, until you see how seldom AU actually gets into the red zone. Only 23 times this season. 23! Converting 18 of those trips into points.

 Let's look at these numbers from a SEC perspective, shall we?  Next to last in scoring offense, 12th in rushing offense, next to last in passing offense, dead last in first downs, dead last in tackle for loss allowed, and last but not least, dead last in 3rd down conversions.

 Any questions as to why we looked so bad against our cousins from UGA?

 Normally, I am as positive an outlook as you could hope to find when it comes to my Tigers. Right now, I just don't see anything to be positive about. That saddens me. Because after the way this team played in the second half against New Mexico State, I thought that they would prepare much better for Georgia, and really fight them tooth and nail. It doesn't look to be getting any better either.

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