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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Amen Corner

the heart of Amen Corner, the 12th at Augusta National - Golden Bell

 In the deep south, the name "Amen Corner" is held in reverence. The fact that it ties the states of Alabama, and Georgia forever together, increases its meaning to college football fans in our part of the world.

 Bobby Jones, that wonderful amateur golfer who has won so many titles, and the "Grand Slam" of golf, helped design Augusta National, the site of the Masters golf tournament every spring. Along the way while playing the famed course you will find yourself on the tee at the 12th hole. That is the heart of Amen Corner at the worlds most coveted championship.

 One season while the head coach at Auburn, Pat Dye met with reporters and dubbed the annual meetings against Georgia, and Alabama "Amen Corner." These two schools are the two biggest rivals of the Tigers from the Loveliest Village. 

 The ties go a little deeper, in that Pat Dye played football at the University of Georgia, and was an assistant coach under Bear Bryant at the University of Alabama. Auburn is conveniently located between the its two counterparts.

 Dye also told reporters that fateful day, that those two games can make or break your season at Auburn. While Auburn is no doubt not playing its best football right now, winning either or both of these games could sweeten the taste of a very sour campaign.

 So, what must Auburn do to snatch victory from the jaws of those dreaded Dawgs? First, and foremost they must play with a desire like they had against LSU earlier this season. 

 The defense must have a very large chip on its shoulder, and play like they are mad as heck! Take all the frustration of this not so great of a season, and make the UGA team pay for visiting our turf. Tackling must be sure, and ferocious. Pass coverage must not be played with a 10 yard cushion. Big plays should not be given up at any time in this game.

 The Tiger offense must play a ground control, mistake free game. Passes will have to be made, no doubt, but they must be limited at least at first, and allow this Auburn offense to develop a rhythm. 

 Last week, Jonathan Wallace led Auburn on the four longest scoring drive of the entire season. He must be able to do that this week, if AU is to pull out the victory. Georgia has shown a penchant for being able to come from behind in games, so the foot must stay on the peddle until the game ends, or is decisively decided late into the contest.

 I believe Auburn can win this game. I know the odds are against this happening, but I refuse to give up when faced with a challenge of this nature. You will hear the term David vs. Goliath many times this week. Since Auburn is headlong into our Amen Corner, I can think of nothing better than a Biblical battle to describe the challenge.


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