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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All American Good Guy

 I truly enjoy these interviews with Auburn fullback Jay Prosch. He seems to always have a smile on his face. He seems like a great young man.

 Considering what he has been through in his short time at Auburn, you wonder how a guy can keep smiling. Prosch transferred to Auburn to be closer to his dying mother, Iris Prosch. She had a form of brain cancer that took her life earlier this season. 

 The Auburn family wrapped Jay in their prayers, and held him close, kept him in their thoughts amidst one of the worst football seasons ever on the Plains. 

 This past Saturday, as we watched a young Auburn football team finally shake its self from the doldrums and have fun playing football, we were given a reason to celebrate. Jay Prosch, our All-American fullback scored the first touchdown of his collegiate career. 

 It was a play that was designed specifically for a short yardage goal line run. And it couldn't have happened to a better person. Listen below as Jay talks about his score.

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