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Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Win Is A Win

Listening to Jonathan Wallace one get the feeling that this young man is well on his way to being something very special at Auburn. We will look at his stats after this post game interview.

 Jonathan Wallace performed much like a nervous true Freshman in getting his first start. Then it looked like he started to settle down. In the second half, the play calling made things much easier for Wallace. A steady diet of running plays, paved the way for a more relaxed, and confident Auburn offense. 

 The line on Wallace reads 9 completions on 17 attempts with an interception and a touchdown. His yardage per pass attempt is a very respectable 9.6 yards.  Not Heisman worthy numbers, but a much better performance than one would have suspected for the first career start. Time of possession in the game went to Auburn.

 The biggest difference in this performance and what we have seen previously this season, is that with the ball in the hands of Wallace, the total number of yards he lost was 1. That's it, one yard. I'll take that all day every day.

Highlights from the Homecoming game are below.

   Guiding Auburn to it's first victory in the last six tries, is something to be proud of. That it was against New Mexico State, a team Auburn should handle easily every time they play, is of no matter. Winning the game may be the best cure for what has been ailing this Auburn team.  

 There are plenty of positives to take away from this game, even while tempering those positives with the knowledge of the game was against an over matched opponent.  Auburn looked, and played in the second half, like an Auburn football team. Which is something we as fans have been sorely missing. 

 Now it's time to entertain the Georgia Bulldogs. I say lets treat them rudely on the field, and upset their dreams. Lets take it to them. Keep this momentum, hold it close, and treat it dearly, all the while taking a bite out of the 'Dawgs season.

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