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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Praying something goes right-via Google images

 Can this Auburn team build some momentum? Can Jonathan Wallace provide enough of a spark to give this young team some momentum going into Amen Corner?

 It's a funny thing in college football. All a team needs is to have a couple of things go the right way, and BOOM! they are on a roll.

 Let's look at the perfect scenario. 
Jonathan Wallace will get his first start this week against a very weak New Mexico State team, that really hasn't had many things go well for them. Not that we have either, but let's stay positive here.

 Let's say Wallace comes in and leads this offense down the field for a couple of TD drives, and the offense starts to feel a rhythm that it hasn't felt all season long. As many of you know, that feeling can be contagious. So, the defense starts to get pumped, and playing with some fire. Next thing you know, this Auburn football team is playing like, well, Auburn football teams are supposed to play.

 Confidence is now in place. Just in time for Georgia to come calling. A really focused, and confident Auburn team is now re-energized and preparing for the 'Dawgs like they have not prepared all season long. An upset of major proportions is brewing on the Plains, and this Auburn team is finally out of the funk that held it down for so long.

 I choose to see things this way because the alternative is just too horrible to think about.

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