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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A- List Candidates

 Just the other day I listed the top three choices I have for who I would like to see as the new coach at Auburn. In case you missed it mash HERE. All of them are no huddle spread formation run first coaches. Now I would like to give you three more names, that given an opportunity, would be good coaches at Auburn.

 David Shaw is the head coach at Stanford. He has them playing in the PAC-12 Championship this week, and is a remarkable personality. He lead Stanford to an 11-2 record in his first year and this year thus far they are 10-2.  He would be someone the family could fall in love with, and the media would love him too. Good luck getting him out of the Cardinal grasp.

 Mike Gundy is the head coach at Oklahoma State. T. Boone Pickens is the big money investor in OSU athletics. Gundy won't be cheap if Auburn goes after him. He is a proven winner and a heck of a good coach. Many of his players are in the NFL. When Trooper Taylor was at OSU working with Gundy, they had the 6th best offense in the nation. Yeah, that Trooper Taylor, the one on the road recruiting for Auburn as you read this.

 The last of the "A" category coaches is Charlie Strong. He is last for a reason. His AD mentioned the other day to the media that he would match any and all offers made for Charlie Strong, and he would do whatever it takes to keep him at Louisville. We now know why, the Cardinals are making the jump to the ACC in 2014. 

 I know the A List everywhere else consists of names like Jimbo Fisher, Chris Peterson, Jeff Fisher, but really these are unrealistic choices. If any one of these gentlemen accept the Auburn job it would be considered the hire of a lifetime.

 No one really knows just yet who will be the next head coach at Auburn. There are some names in the NFL ranks that are assistants right now, that would be looking for jobs in the very near future. Any number of these could be potential candidates. There are at least four NFL vacancies expected at seasons end. Philadelphia, Dallas, Buffalo, and Miami.

 Patience is the key, and time will tell us all we need to know. Until then...

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