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Friday, November 16, 2012

Jay Jacobs To Remain?

Jordan-Hare stadium, home of Auburn Tiger football

 Published reports indicate that Jay Jacobs will remain the Athletic Director at Auburn University. Jacobs job has come under attack by many fans and message board posters for the perceived lack of  improvement in Auburn's four major sports programs. Most recently the failure of the football program to win any of its conference games. There is still Alabama to play this season, and many fans have already written that off as a loss.

 Increasingly the cries for removal of Jacobs along with his first football coach that he hired, Gene Chizik, have echoed loud and strong across the state of Alabama and indeed the country. According to the report by contributor Charles Goldberg "Gogue defended Jacobs at a recent university event,"

 The report goes on to state...
"The university's Board of Trustees will meet Friday morning in Auburn in a regularly-scheduled meeting in which both Gogue and Jacobs will attend. Jacobs is scheduled to address a proposed renovation of baseball's Plainsman Park. Football is not on the agenda." 

What does this mean going forward for Gene Chizik and the athletic department?

 It is my opinion, that if Jay Jacobs indeed keeps his job, that Gene Chizik will be allowed to stay on as head coach of Auburn football.

 This certainly will not sit well with many of the Auburn family that believe that Chizik is the problem at Auburn, and that his style of coaching is perceived as why player development is lacking.

  Until all this unfolds we will be in the dark as to the future of Auburn football, and indeed the entire athletic department. Hold on.


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