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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Making Sense

The hot topic is the AU coaching search. Who would make the most sense to bring to Auburn? How would certain styles of offense and defense work in the league? Who among the believed names among the myriad lists of candidates, would get the most out of our current recruits? All questions that are bringing emotional responses among the AU faithful.

 Auburn has recruited for the spread offense that last four years. We have some of the top talent in the country. How can I say that? AU was constantly rated among the best in recruiting and those top 10 schools over the past four years have consistently competed for conference and national championships. No way the percentage of those recruits that did not pan out all landed at AU. That indicates that the talent is already at Auburn.

 Most of you know, that I liked Gene Chizik. Although Chizik gambled and lost on his BCS title giving him more than one year to change his philosophy, he still has my respect. He made a terrible mistake to change to the pro-style offense. 

 Why do I say that? Because Alabama has lost four games in the last three years. Those losses have come to AU running a  Hurry Up No Huddle spread attack, and Texas A&M running the same style of attack. The other two losses were to LSU, and South Carolina. Alabama missed 3 or 4 FG's which would have won them the game against LSU. Using that as a criteria, Chizik should have never left the HUNH spread attack.

 That would seem to narrow the search list, or would it? Chris Peterson is on that list, and he runs that style of offense. My personal choice of Gary Patterson runs an exceptional offense, and very inventive defense. Patterson is the one guy that has a proven record of coaching up the talent, and also making the changes needed to adjust to different styles of offense that he faces. Read this STORY then come back and tell me you don't agree.

 The other name on the popular lists is Gus Malzahn. Malzahn would fit the easiest with the current staff, and players. He has worked very successfully with the offensive coaches, winning a BCS title. I'm sure he would replace Coach Loeffler with Rhett Lashlee, as offensive coordinator. The rest of the offensive staff he would be comfortable with. That would keep the recruiting class mostly together.

 There are some other names out there that could be great hires, too many to name here, these three are three that I wanted to highlight. We will come back and look at more, unless a coached is named soon.


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