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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Battle of Good vs Evil

 I have read this post about life after Bobby Petrino which you can read by mashing HERE, and have come to some conclusions.
 Excerpts from that article reveal what life under Petrino will be for Auburn football players, and what will certainly happen when he leaves. He will leave.

 At the same time, there were rumblings after Petrino's departure that the coach had been too lax when it came to taking action on positive drug tests. The first positive test got you sent to drug counseling. The second got you a one-game suspension. The third got you a four-game suspension. Some later alleged that if there was a first, there usually was no testing done to risk a second or third. But attempts to get even aggregate records were not successful.

 Once new head coach Steve Kragthorpe had replaced Petrino at Louisville, the administration and fans were amazed at what transpired when a definitive drug policy was enforced.

 Players started being dismissed in high numbers, including some who had people around the school scratching their heads, because they'd been otherwise good citizens. Nobody could divulge the real reason for many of the dismissals, though one source close to the program said, "They chose pot over their football futures."

Yes Petrino is a very good coach. I’ll give him that. He is detailed, and very demanding. Two things this Auburn team needs right now. In an article from reporter Mike Herndon, this was quoted from now deposed Gene Chizik.

 "He's very, very precise," Chizik said then. "He knows exactly what he wants; he knows exactly how he's setting you up for the next thing. He coaches those guys in minute details. He knows what he's looking from you defensively to take advantage of what he does. He's really good at it."

 Bobby Petrino is at a crossroads in his life. He has reached that crossroads because he got caught. Not because he had a revelation, not because he had a come to Jesus meeting with his Pastor, because he got caught. He is still in conflict with his mind on the good versus the bad.

 In an age where “Honey Boo-Boo” is acceptable television, I am not at all surprised to see so many Auburn fans think that Bobby Petrino is the best choice available to Auburn. Put simply, Petrino needs time. Time to reveal to his family, that he is a changed man, not someone who is sorry that all of his transgressions became public knowledge.
 My very small request to the search committee is to “Just say no to Petrino.”

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