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Friday, November 23, 2012

Iron Bowl Time

Tiger Walk- An AUBURN tradition

 What a week this has been. Between all the talk about if Gene Chizik will be fired, and or who will be his replacement at Auburn. We have been attacked again by Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports, with a suggestive headline of news so old, it was common knowledge back in August. In today's news timeline, that is like reading the USA Today paper with this headline "World War 2 Has Ended."

 To make matters worse, some knucklehead, or group of knuckleheads, set fire to our beloved Toomer's Oaks. They were for all intents and purposes dead from the outrageous acts of a delusional psychopath, who decided he would hurt "Auburn fans" by poisoning these majestic trees. Setting fire to them served only to enrage all of the Auburn family. Surely that was not their intent?

 Tomorrow our young, and desperate team will enter Bryant-Denny stadium, and try to weather the storm that is sure to be awaiting them. My hope and prayer is that none of the players get hurt tomorrow, on either side of the ball. I hope the contest on the field is hard fought, and that all can hold their heads high when it is over. Sure, I hope for an Auburn victory. I am after all a fan and an optimist.

 Friday night, when the battle has been done, and the smoke clears from this horrid season we have all endured, I trust that the Auburn family will act as one. With class, and dignity befitting our creed.


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