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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Closer Look

The odds on fan favorite right now is Bobby Petrino to be the next head football coach at Auburn University. I will attempt to rationalize why that is not a good thing. Using only published facts, and only look at his coaching career,  lets look at how a Bobby Petrino hire would look at Auburn.

Petrino has an overall coaching record of 75 wins vs 26 losses as a college coach. Breaking down his record shows that his SEC coaching record is 34-17 and just 17-15 in conference play. In Bowl games he is 4-3. Not as impressive as the overall, but not a losing record. His only BCS Bowl game as an SEC coach was a loss, bringing his BCS Bowl record to 1-1.

 Petrino has coached his teams to two conference championships. The 2004 Conference USA and 2006 Big East. He never had Arkansas in the SEC Championship game. Petrino never beat Alabama while at Arkansas.

 Now that we have all the facts, let's put to rest the Bobby Petrino talk. He is not what Auburn is looking for.

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