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Monday, November 26, 2012

Smooth Sailing

Smooth sailing ahead
 In case you missed it, there will soon be a new captain of the U.S.S. Auburn Football. Once the new captain is named, he must make a few course corrections to get the ship headed back in the right direction. 

 Gene Chizik is a man that I respected, and liked as an individual. His tenure was never one that we could just sit back and relax. He brought excitement to Auburn recruiting. Chizik and his staff proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Auburn could, and should recruit with the very best in the nation.

 He also believed that Auburn could contend for a National Championship, and he proved it by winning his first attempt at one.

 He represented Auburn with class and dignity. Speaking of which, I must get this off my chest. Auburn and Gene Chizik were shown a great deal of respect by Nick Saban in our last contest with Alabama.  For all his media tirades, and his sometimes sketchy sideline theatrics, taking a knee on fourth down, instead of giving the back up squad a nugget to enjoy was a class move by Saban.

 Whomever Auburn decides to hire as the next captain of our ship, I hope that they represent Auburn as well as Gene Chizik has. I hope that they embrace and love Auburn in much the same way as the Chizik family.

 Thanks Gene Chizik for all the great memories of 2010. Though you accomplished much more while here at Auburn, you gave the Auburn family something it hadn't had in this generation, a National Championship! We will forever be grateful for that. 

 Until the next storm arises, and storms will come, there are smooth seas ahead. We just need to get the course corrections made quickly, so we can get back to enjoying our football cruise.

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