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Sunday, August 19, 2012

QB Moseley Leaves Little Doubt on Who Starts

 Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik may not be ready to name his starting Quarterback just yet.  There is little doubt in the mind of Clint Moseley that Kiehl Frazier is the starter to begin the season against Clemson in the Georgia Dome on September 1st.

During an interview with Moseley stated "On this level, people have their little things, with me it's my arm. Without it I just have to focus on everything else." His arm gets sore quick, and he spends extra time in the training room.

 Clint has little trouble with the short passes like screens and such, the trouble starts when he has to "crank it up." During practice when the team goes from run game situations straight into "Red Zone" work, then he has to spend time warming up.

 Auburn needs a healthy Clint Moseley. Clint knows that, stating that his arm has failed him "just when I need it most." Even with rehab, and conditioning, winning the starting QB position has been an impossible task.

 Without being completely healthy, the race for the starting spot was over before it ever began. Insistence that his arm is "definitely getting better" seems to help Moseley stay determined, and focused, although you get the impression that Moseley knows his role is going to be emergency relief.

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