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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fight On You Orange & Blue

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 Welcome to the white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama!

 The best comment of the entire event has been fired by none other than former Auburn coach Pat Dye.

"Tommy didn't recruit many players his last two years in Auburn," Dye added. "Those guys would be seniors now and juniors now, so we're still playing with freshmen, sophomores and juniors rather than playing with juniors and seniors and a few sophomores and freshmen. It makes a difference in this conference, believe me. Playing an experienced football team with the talent level they've got at schools in this conference, it's tough to win with freshmen and a first-year quarterback. And we're still playing both."

 In a report filed by Mike Herndon, Pat Dye was questioned about the seemingly  high number of discipline problems at Auburn. Even  a potential recruit who will be a senior in high school this year was referenced as a part of the discipline issues by Herndon. Maybe Mike hasn't been around long enough to know that Auburn has no control over high school players, and therefore can not regulate their actions.

 As to the other examples Herndon used, Pat had this comment:

"Do you know a team in the country that's not having issues? It might come in bunches sometimes. Michael Dyer, he's been living on the edge since he's been there and it finally just reached a point to where" (he was dismissed).

  In making sure the reporter understood this point, Coach Dye leaned over towards Herndon and said this:

 "Let me tell you something: There is no discipline problem in Auburn. If you've got a Michael Dyer, he won't make it. He'll be back home or be at another school. Gene Chizik is going to run a clean program and run it the right way. It's just that simple."

 It never fails that someone in the Alabama media is going to take shots at Auburn. That is why we are here. Shedding the light on the truth. Feel free to join our site. The entry tab to start the process is on the right of your screen. While you are at it, follow us on twitter at @AUTigerBloggin.

 After the grueling eleven month investigation of the NCAA into the Auburn athletic department, not one violation was uncovered. I wonder just how many schools in the country could endure that and come away unscathed. No, wait. How many in this state could?


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