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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Media Darlings: Amen Corner

 In the first part of this series we looked at the opening month of September and the 2012 campaign for the Auburn Tigers. Then we promptly followed that up with a look at the schedule for October.
With a great amount of luck, and very few injured contributors this squad has a chance to enter November, and “Amen Corner” undefeated. Unfortunately, this writer doesn’t see Auburn leaving November without a loss. Neither does HULK.

 By the way, if you are not reading The War Eagle Reader, you are missing out. No, we do not get props, or pay from TWER, they are just that good. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

 Realistically, two of the teams in November should be wins for our Tigers. New Mexico State, and Alabama AandM should not pose a problem for Auburn in 2012. We won’t bother with breaking either team down, just state that a victory for Auburn in these games, is all but virtually assured. That leaves us with the two biggest rivalries in the SEC.

GEORGIA - The South’s oldest football rivalry…

 The Bulldogs return the most talented team in the conference this season. Don’t let the off season news lead you into thinking that UGA won’t come to play every week.
Although they could lose the opener in the first week in Missouri, look for Georgia to win the East, and secure a spot in Atlanta. Georgia will have the advantage of experience, and will need this victory to do that.

 As tough as this is to call, I see an Auburn loss to UGA, leaving Auburn with a 9-1 record in the season to this point.

ALABAMA – The Iron Bowl

 If this game were in Auburn, I wouldn’t hesitate to give Auburn the advantage. It’s not, I can’t, and it leaves a feeling in my stomach like I have been kicked by a mule.

 Sure, Alabama has to have some defensive backs mature and quickly, but by this late in the season, they should know their assignments, and be able to execute without having to think about it.

 Earlier in the year they may lose a game, maybe two, but after 2010 they won’t be allowed to let Auburn come to their place, and pull off some last minute miracle.


 The media of course will talk of the collapse at the end of the season, and some will question Gene Chizik and his ability to lead Auburn to another SEC Championship.

 That talk will be smothered and covered by the best Auburn defense seen in decades in 2013. A second year of Scot Loeffler’s tutelage, will lead to Auburn being an offensive juggernaut as well.  Auburn will become the favorite to win the SEC, and a national title contender once again.

 In the meantime, let us know what you think Auburn's 2012 record might be. You can do so in the comments section. Thanks.
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