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Thursday, August 2, 2012

31 Days and Counting by Rick Palmedo

    A hot August day. 105 scholarship plus walk-on players report for the first day of practice as The Auburn Tigers begin preparation for the upcoming 2012 season. The first game is a mere 31 days away.
     Incoming   freshman will don the AU helmet for the first time. Returning seniors for the last. Memories will be made over the course of the season. Friendships will be renewed as well as formed. Upperclassmen will take the rookies under their wings and show them what it means to be not only an Auburn Tiger but an Auburn Man.
     The start of any season is a time of hope and high expectations. 2012 is no exception at Auburn. Oh the pre-season magazines don’t express a lot of hope for this team but we, the fans, know differently. As such we will pack Jordan-Hare Stadium week after week. Many will travel to off campus sites to watch our beloved Tigers do battle on foreign soil. We will win with class and should we lose we will do so with dignity. After all we are Auburn.
     The season will be long and grueling. Injuries will occur. Youngsters will have to step up and earn spots on the field. The team will have to gel and become a cohesive unit to be able to compete against the best the SEC has to offer. Our coaching staff will be put to the test. We know they will succeed.
     It all starts today, August 1, a hot August day. 

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