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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Saturday on the Plains by Rick Palmedo (@tgrfan89)

     They descend upon the Loveliest Village on the Plains from near and far. The vast majority of them have the same wish, the same hope, the same dream, a victory by the home standing Auburn Tigers.

They arrive anywhere from Thursday to Saturday. They eat, drink, play games, and walk the campus. Many are reliving their time at Auburn. Others are here for the first time. Some just come to be a part of the scene. It is a Saturday on the Plains.    
 Early Saturday morning, tailgates are set up for the day. Food is prepared. Beverages are chilled. Fans are up and ready to enjoy the day. There are already tickets being hocked on the side of the street. For the right price, you can sit just about anywhere you want within the confines of Jordan-Hare Stadium. 

 Fans are beginning to stir and walk around campus admiring the beauty of the area they are seeing. Cars line College Street looking for the best parking they can find. Football is in the air.    

 The day is sunny and warm. The food is delicious, the beverages are ice cold. There are few things in life that can top this. Old friends are sought out, new friends are made in the blink of an eye. A game of cornhole is becoming intense as there are just a few tosses left. Winners are made at this point. Losers feel the sting of defeat. But a great time is still had by all.   

  It’s finally time to head to the stadium. The pregame begins. Is there a more majestic site than Spirit or Nova circling the field as 87,000 plus fans scream WARRRRRRRRRR EAGLE HEY!! at the top of their lungs! Let me assure you there is not!!  The intro video for the band, yes folks the AU Marching Band has its own hype video, fires up the fans into an even bigger frenzy. The band takes the field! The Auburn Fight Song and Glory Glory to 'Ol Auburn play as the band gets into position for God Bless America and the National Anthem. Finally, Tiger Rags plays as the band marches into position forming the unforgettable interlocking AU and we all know what is coming next.    

 The huge HD video screen comes to life. Auburn football highlights are shown. Huge hits, big plays, victory on the Plains becomes the theme. And then…smoke and to the delight of the now ravenous crowd the latest installment of the Auburn Tigers takes the field!!!  By the time all of that is finished the crowd is ready for another Auburn victory. The Tigers take the field and it’s time to kick off. The game is another hard hitting affair but on this glorious Saturday Auburn wins another game and the joyful crowd heads to Toomer’s Corner and one of the all time great traditions continues. Young and old alike roll the now world famous Toomer’s Oaks. It’s a scene that will be recreated over and over again with each Auburn victory.     

Oh, there will be Saturday's in which victory is not achieved but every true Auburn fan will take the loss in stride, remember we are All In, and make plans to be back home on the Plains the next time our Tigers take the field. We will cheer just as loud, we will love just as much,and we will stand together as always for we are Auburn and Auburn means Family.           

 Many will head home after the game. Those that don’t will retire to their hotel rooms or RV’s or wherever they may be staying. Parties will rage into the wee hours of the morning. A good time will be had by all because win, lose, or draw that’s how it's done on a Saturday on the Plains!     

 War Damn Eagle!!!
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