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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ghost of Friday Ramblings

 This is not something I intend to do every Friday. I do however have fond memories of my days at Track Em Tigers, and this was my usual slot, so without further delay....

Auburn Gymnastics...
 This is a really neat look at the facility our Tigers use. Just click this link and enjoy.

College Football...
 Last night we had all our dreams come true. The start of another college football season has begun, and unfortunately will be over way too soon.

 There is an age old coaches motto that goes something like "If you didn't play play well enough to put the game out of reach, then you can't blame the officials for costing you the game" Last night was certainly an example of this axiom being as true as life.

 Not once. Not twice. Three times. On three drives in the first half Vanderbilt had the ball on the South Carolina side of the field, and came away with zero points. Nada, zilch! Had the Commodores been able to execute those drives into field goals, they win the game.

 The referees certainly blew an opportunity to get more TV time though. As evidenced by these two pics from @AUZoom  The first picture shows clearly that the USC defender was pulling the arm of the Vanderbilt receiver downward.
 The second picture shows the ball was still in the air, while the pass interference was being "applied", and leaves no doubt that this was a penalty that should have been called.

 You must play well enough to not allow the game to be decided by the men in stripes. I certainly hope the Auburn football team was watching, and came to this same conclusion.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

My Take...
  We are embarking on a new chapter of Auburn football. Changes in philosophy on both sides of the ball were needed and welcomed by most fans. While we will never forget the contributions of Ted Roof and Gus Malzahn and their intricate roles in bringing a National Championship to Auburn, it was time for a change.

 Championships are in Auburn's future regardless of what anyone else may tell you. Maybe it doesn't happen this season, maybe it does. Until the games are played it is all just banter. One thing is sure, barring a string of major injuries, this Auburn team will be much better than the media has predicted. I for one can not wait to see the start of 2012 Auburn football.


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