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Friday, August 24, 2012

Business in Order

 There is an old adage that states: To be a successful business person, you must keep your business in order. Simple, yet effective advice. The same goes for football coaches.

 We here at Auburn have a very successful and business like coach. Gene Chizik has gone about doing his job with certain goals in mind, and has done so with a very professional demeanor. Taking all the media questions about the position battles, especially the quarterbacks, and staying true to his plan.

 While it frustrates many in the media business, it is the Chizik way. Keeping his eye on the prize, working every little detail, and leaving nothing to chance. In his business, he can't afford to be any other way. So, if it took him three weeks longer to announce what many had predicted, some as far back as during spring practice, then so be it. Gene Chizik is not fazed by your inconvenience.

 The naming of Kiehl Frazier is another piece to the puzzle that is Auburn's head football coach. After all it wasn't much of a position battle, with Clint Moseley's arm being on the fritz since April. There are throws that Moseley simply can't make without being in pain. Yet Chizik made Frazier and Moseley work extra hard to achieve the coveted position of becoming the starting quarterback at the highest level in college football. Both of these young men will be better for it.


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