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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Simple Truth

thanks to WDEagle for the pic

 I'll make this post short and sweet. The Key to beating Vanderbilt is run the damn ball! Run it left, run it right, and run option sweeps to the wide side of the field. Then for good measure run zone read plays with every QB we have.

 The Commodores are pretty good at stopping the pass, and should load the box against our Tigers to try and stop the run. The weakness of the Vanderbilt defense is they allow an even 5 yards per carry to their opponents this season. Which should play into the strength of the Auburn offense.

 The Tigers desperately need a victory if any hope of making a bowl game is to stay alive. Lose this Saturday in Nashville, and the only hope is to build toward an uncertain future. A future that may include far reaching changes in the Auburn athletic department.

 The big question for Auburn is will the play calling be formed around the weaknesses of the Vanderbilt defense, or some hope of becoming better at passing by the Offensive Coordinator? Time will tell. Scot Loeffler could help this struggling Auburn team win this game, by limiting the pass plays and attacking the Commodores with our best weapon, the Auburn running game.

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