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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Later, Than Usual

 My apologies to everyone for the late post game chat. I was out of town at a car show, and watched the game with some friends. I was embarrassed to say the least, as most of you are at how unprepared we looked at times.

 As usual we have to question the play calling/decision making by Coach Loeffler, and wonder what could have been. The continuing saga, of why doesn't Auburn run the ball more, and where is the power football we were promised in January of this year, has been more than difficult to endure.

 I love watching Auburn football. I could sit and listen to Rod Bramblett call AU football games 365 days a year. There is nothing more enjoyable or inspiring than to step into Jordan-Hare stadium on a fall Saturday. Many of you know these feelings, and most of you agree with what I am saying. Last Saturday had ZERO fun in it for us fans, and made me more than a little queasy to watch the utter humiliation our team suffered at the hands of Arkansas. 

 Most of you know that I will not bash on players, and that will always be the case. Coaches on the other hand, they are fair game. Our coaching staff offensively is not getting the job done. The young offensive line is playing just like a young offensive line will do, very inconsistent. 

 When I see our QB's continually throwing terrible passes missing wide open receivers, I have to question their development, and their willingness to achieve sound fundamentals. Auburn quarterbacks are not playing good football right now. The lone exception is young Jonathan Wallace. I would hate to see him thrust into the game, with all else that is wrong offensively. It might just ruin him.

 Here is to hoping that our beloved Tigers can find a way to get together, and win a SEC game against Ole Miss. If not, we may not see another win until Homecoming. Shudder the thought. 

 No matter what we are faced with though, I will continue to support our players, offer up prayers for them and their families, and hope that this coaching staff can pull it together and turn things around quickly!

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