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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sifting Through The Noise

 I have been asked if I could play any musical instruments in the past, and my standard answer is that I can't play the radio without static. That may be lost on those of you who have only heard true digital satellite radio, but I think most of you understand what that statement is intended to define.

 This week, I have been asked who I thought would be a good replacement for our head football coach.
Not that I am surprised, or caught off guard about all the talking heads and their unified discussion points this week. I am however surprised that Auburn is winless in the league thus far this season.

 Now you are asking, what does one thing have to do with the other. Static. Pure and simple it's all just static. You see, there are many who think Auburn is not in good hands at all, because they are not competing for the conference championship this season. I am sure you have seen all the "Cam" references. You know, the ones that show the record Gene Chizik has with Cam Newton, and the one without Cam Newton.

 I wonder if Cam were used as a reference point for all other SEC schools what that would reveal. We know the SEC against Cam Newton is winless. I think Cam was a very special player at Auburn, and would never say anything contrary to that. Was he the sole reason Auburn won the BCS title in 2010? NO!

Too many players played big roles at crucial times that season to say one man won it all. Its preposterous to think otherwise. It took team effort, at all times during that season. It also took a special coach who could handle the pressure of the lies, and insinuations reported as fact by and incredulous media. Thank you Gene Chizik. 

 Chizik, and his inner circle kept the fire at bay, and guided that Auburn team through what we all thought was the most trying time in Auburn football history. Now because this Auburn team can't find their way at mid-season many of those same talking heads want to hang Chizik out to dry. A sad commentary on the state of Auburn fans, not on Auburn football.

 The definition of static in today's digital world? Too much inter-web buzz about who the next coach at Auburn will be.

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