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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

7 Points - Touchdown Auburn!

Further proof that the Auburn football team suffers from the lack of offensive output. Take a look at these Auburn losses and see just how close AU came to being 4-3 instead of the 1-6 we are.

Clemson L26-19...
 Lost by 7 points. Had the Auburn offense scored one more touchdown, what would have happened?

Miss State L28-10...
 The 5 offensive turnovers in this game were too much for the Auburn defense to overcome.

LSU L12-10...
 Lost by two points. Zero points scored in the second half by Auburn. Easily the best defensive output thus far in 2012.

Arkansas L24-7...
 What can we say, we got beat. Auburn's offense managed just 7 points the entire game, and lost 88 yards rushing due to poor play calling, and sacks. Still AU only trailed 10-7 at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

Ole Miss L41-20...
 At the start of the fourth quarter the score was UM 24 AU 20. A touchdown by Auburn and the complexion of the game changes, maybe even a victory.

 Vanderbilt L17-13...
 Most sickening performance yet by our offense. 

While we are not giving anyone a pass, the case we are trying to make, is that everything is not as bleak as it is being made out to be. A single touchdown by the offense in the fourth quarter in each game would have made these games much more interesting. At the very least Auburn would be sitting at 4-3 right now with some hope of making a bowl game.

Granted, Auburn's troubles are not all on the offense. This however, lets us see just how close we are everywhere, except on the offensive side of the ball.

War Eagle!
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