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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grading The Auburn Coaching Staff part 1

  The first place Auburn looks really good, and has recruited very well is special teams. Without question, Jay Boulware has been very instrumental in taking that part of the program and making it among the best in the nation. Even through this tumultuous season thus far, the special teams have been a let down for Auburn.

 The second place I look at on our young team is the offensive line. Without question Auburn has a terrific offensive line coach in Jeff Grimes. Listen carefully to the video below when he talks about the technique, and what is involved in being a really good offensive lineman.

 Coach Grimes is demanding, and expects his proteges to give every ounce of themselves  each and every snap that they play or practice. Also of note is that Auburn has recruited the offensive line class in the country when combining the past two classes. Coach Grimes gets high marks here as well.

 We will continue looking at the staff next week.

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