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Monday, October 1, 2012


 This month of October is as huge as any in recent memory for me. Not just coaching staff, but recruiting and keeping some of these potentially borderline NFL draftees from leaving early. It's also the time of harvest. Farmers and hunters alike flock to the fields to take from God's bounty. 

 Auburn needs to become a hunter. They need to take an attitude of "We are going to a Bowl game, no matter what we have to do". The question is, can they do it?

 Everyone saw just how bare the cupboard became when the Senior class that won the BCS National Championship graduated. Couple that with some untimely departures by some that would be leading this team right now, and you have a situation just like the one Auburn finds its self in.

 Losing seasons affect more than fans and coaches directly. Recruiting is won with winning coaches, or a staff that is rebuilding a team. Very few, if any, see Auburn as having to rebuild a football program, but that is exactly what Gene Chizik is having to do. That makes recruiting that much more important.

 This coaching staff has recruited well, now they must coach well, and continue recruiting well. That is a much easier task when you can make Bowl games, and win championships.

 Coach Chizik must find a way to get Kiehl Frazier more comfortable, and therefore more successful at QB, and keep his offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler, from calling plays that keep that offense from being in a hole on second down. 2nd and 8 is better than 2nd and 13 every day of the week, so let's change up the play calling a little, and do what Auburn does best. Just win baby!

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