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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Passion of Sammie

 Earlier this week Sammie Coates called out some of his Senior team mates, questioning their leadership and desire to win. here is an excerpt from his statement.

"We don't have leadership," said Coates. "Everybody talks about wanting to win, but nobody is showing how they want to win."

This was taken from an article on by Charles Goldberg

 Whenever a team mate calls out the team leaders, its usually to get everyone's attention that he is tired of and frustrated about, losing. Nobody likes to lose, and especially the way Auburn has found ways to lose this season.

 Up until the Arkansas game, Auburn has led scoring average in all of the first three quarters of the games it has played this season. The fourth quarter has proven to be the Achilles heel.

 Too much has been made of the quarterback change last Saturday. Coach Chizik was looking for someone to spark an inept offense, that quite frankly has been very inconsistent all season long. That spark was not found against the defensive unit the Hogs put on the field Saturday.

 The question remains about Sammie Coates and his frustration. Is this team floundering because no one will take charge on the field on Saturdays? Tough questions deserve tough answers, so I'll try my stab at it.

 I guarantee that someone has to take charge of the Auburn offense on Saturdays, and that someone has to be a QB. Like it or not, if you are the man in the huddle calling the plays, and you are in charge of reading the defense to change some of those play calls, then by God you better be in complete charge of that team on the field.

 Frazier, Moseley, or Wallace each have to pump up their offensive line to bust someone's ass, and have everybody's attention of the snap count. All of this is on the quarterbacks. No. One. Else!

 Auburn must get better. It's a plain and simple statement, but one that has more and more urgency. Here is to hoping that comes about, before it's too late.

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