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Friday, October 12, 2012

Points of Interest: Ole Miss

 If you came here for a tourist guide of "The Grove', I am sorry to disappoint you, this is not where to find that information. rather, this is a list of points I hope to see this Auburn football team create in what I hope is a victory against the Rebel Black Bears.

 First and foremost, we have been promised a downhill running game since January. Where is it? Auburn must run the ball successfully against Ole Miss if the first SEC win of the season for Auburn is to come about in Oxford, MS this weekend.

  If we find ourselves in second and two during the early stages of the game, Auburn needs to run inside, and create first downs. "Keep Drives Alive" should be the motto here. First down after first down keeps the ball going forward, and the Ole Miss offense getting cold feet on the sidelines.

 Secondly, Auburn's offense must find a way to control the clock. See above. With the Auburn offense on the field, the Ole Miss offense won't be wearing out the defense of our beloved Tigers. This keeps the chances, I can't believe I have to type this, of pulling off an upset more in the probability range, than say, no chance at all.

 The next point of emphasis is that this young team needs to play with enthusiasm, and effectiveness. Execute the plays, and most importantly, play as a team. we as fans should push this point hard, and show our unwavering support for our gallant warriors of the gridiron.

 Lastly, the Auburn coaching staff must call the best possible plays to ensure the chances of all of the above points to be carried out. Gone hopefully is the three wide set on second and short, and more inside run plays, along with an occasional screen pass or play action pass play.

 Make all the snap counts on the first drive on the first "hike" called out by the QB, whoever that will be, and keep the game plan simple for our young Tigers. If we see these things come to fruition, then we will leave Oxford with some confidence, and more importantly a victory!

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