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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Post Vanderbilt Thoughts

Where do I start?

 Oh yeah, right where we left off last week. This is getting old. I mean crusty beard, yellow teeth, and walking not so well, old. This is so old, it hurts to watch. The pain is in the voice of the play by play man extraordinaire Rod Bramblett, it's in his partner Stan White's voice, it's in Coach Chizik's voice, and it looks like it's only going to get worse.

 Gone is the chance at post season play. Gone is any hope of a winning record. Gone too is Phillip Lutzenkirchen, and Avery Young. Both lost to injury for the rest of the season. What little bit of satisfaction there is left to play for, is just a whisper of hope to beat our two rivals. Neither of which look anything like football teams that this Auburn team can beat.

 I can't and won't go into speculation as to what will happen at the end of the season. I'll leave that to all the stellar Athletic Directors that have internet access, and an opinion. I refuse to bash on any one person, player, or coach associated with this team. That would be too easy.

 Are changes in order? You bet they are. Are things looking bleak for this team? I'll have to admit that they do look that way. Do I think that this entire staff will be at Auburn next season? I don't see how that could happen, considering how our team has played thus far.

 It's easy to point fingers, call out names, when things are going bad. It's easy to state what you would do if you were the coach, or President of the university. What's not easy is to stay calm, and support this team, no matter what. But that is exactly what I hope to do, because I believe in Auburn, and love it!

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