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Saturday, September 15, 2012


        An 0-2 start. An offense that has scored one touchdown in two games. A defense that can't seem to stop the run. Suspect play calling. The 2012 version of The Auburn Tigers has seen it all during a very dismal start to the season.
        It begs the question; where does Auburn go from here?
        It would be easy to fold up the tents and call the season a failure. The tougher task would be to tighten up the chin strap, work harder, and play the kind of football Auburn is known for:
Tough, hard-hitting defense.
Grind it out on the ground offense.
Superb special teams.
        Can this team be resilient enough to bounce back from such a start? This week's game against ULM could go a long way towards answering that question.
        Win, and win big, against a team coming off its biggest win in school history and Auburn could get back in the thick of things. Lose and the season, for all intents and purposes, is over.
        It is up to the players, coaches, and staff to work to turn it around. That must happen this week. Remember, LSU rolls into town a week later and a team with no confidence stands no chance against the Tigers from Baton Rouge.
        Look for Auburn to try to run the ball more effectively, allowing QB Kiehl Frazier to pick his spots to throw. This should give him a desperately needed boost of confidence that, frankly, right now needs it.
        The defense must work harder at stopping the run and containing the opposing QB so that they can get off the field in as few plays as possible. The linebackers must get off their blocks cleaner and be more sure handed when tackling. When a defensive back has 18 tackles, as was the case versus Miss St, you know the front 7 is not getting the job done.
        Auburn MUST play Auburn football this week and every week after if they are to turn this season around. I for one think this can and will happen.
        The question is does the team?
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