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Friday, September 28, 2012

Ghost of Friday Ramblings

 Lets get to a few items from around the blAUgosphere, and then end the day with  some movies. Sound like fun? Great, then lets get to it.

Play calling, or execution?...
 The first thing I found was from StatTiger from the AUFamily blog. StatTiger makes his case as to why he thinks it's just an execution problem with the AU offense, and not play calling. There is some pretty sound evidence in his post.

Arkansas preview...
  Acid Reign of Track Em Tigers has an early look at next weeks opponent the Arkansas Razorbacks. Acid always brings facts and analysis to his work, so its worth your while to click the link.

My take...
 Auburn has improved week by week. The intensity we saw against LSU is what we as fans have seen from Auburn teams for decades, and was sorely missed the last two years. Maybe it was because of the LSU players and their quotes to the media, or because the second ranked team in the country was in Jordan-Hare stadium. Whatever the reason, this Auburn team needs to keep playing with that passion and energy. After all it is what we have come to expect.
 I would like to leave you for our weekend off, with this group of videos from the week as Auburn takes the weekend off.

 The first installment takes us back to Wednesday afternoon as Coach Chizik evaluates the post game film.


This video is from the Thursday afternoon post practice session, again with Coach Chizik.

 Our wish is that all of you stay safe, and as always...


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