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Monday, September 24, 2012

Off Week Thoughts

 Let me start this post with the preface that I am not qualified to "coach" a football team. Much less our Auburn football team. Nevertheless, I will pass on my opinion, mostly because that's what I do here.

 Auburn should give Tre Mason the ball 25 times a game. At least 18 of those need to be inside runs. That means anything in between the tackles. This would allow for a higher percentage of short to intermediate pass plays off of the play action. 

 This style of play would increase the chances of Auburn controlling the ball offensively and allow Kiehl Frazier the opportunity to complete more passes. According to StatTiger over at AUFamily,
  • Kiehl Frazier was 9 of 10 in his passes within 5-yards of the line of scrimmage but went 4 of 12 in his passes beyond 5-yards of the line of scrimmage. Frazier completed only 2 of his 8 third down passes.
  • Frazier was 11 of 13 passing on 1st and 2nd downs but struggled passing on 3rd down.
 Seems sort of elementary to me that if we couple the way Mason is running, with that increasingly better offensive line,  then we should have the ball longer, and therefore have more opportunities to score. 

 When the pass play is called on 1st or 2nd down, then it is more effective. How much more effective would it be if the run game was more efficient? AU has had better rushing numbers between the tackles than on those sweeps, especially those three wide between the tackle run plays. So, why not line up with Jay Prosch as the traditional fullback and dare the defense to stop the run?

 I hope that is what we see from Auburn and Coach Loeffler in the coming weeks. We have time to practice it, and perfect it with this off week. Just a thought.

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