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Monday, September 10, 2012

Questions Surrounding Auburn

 We have all seen the "dismal play" of the Auburn Tiger football team last week in Davis Wade stadium while battling the Mississippi State Bulldogs. That performance leaves us with many questions. I will try and take a look at a few them here, and debunk the most emotional question that has been thrown about the inter webs since last Saturday afternoon.

 Before we start, we need to gather a little information, and there is no better post game analysis than that of Acid Reign at Track Em Tigers. Couple that with thorough statistical evidence, and we have a basis to go on.

 There are two glaring weaknesses on our beloved Tiger team, one on each side of the ball. First let us peer into the defense, and see the root cause for the troubles thus far this season.

Question: Why can't Auburn's defense stop the run? Answer: Linebacker play

 Auburn has not seen decent play from this position as of yet, and the prospects of doing so appear more bleak after the second game. Many, many missed tackles at this position are evident, as opposing team members slip through the arms of these Auburn defenders.

 Linebacker should be the last line of defense against runs up the middle, and pass coverage just behind the defensive line. When that run support is in place, teams have to get deeper into their playbook to counter. So far,neither Auburn opponent has had to.

 For Auburn to prosper on the field, this unit must improve their play. Getting the opposing team off the field will give the defense more rest, and lift the spirits of the rest of the team. Someone has to step up, regardless of whether they are a Senior, or a true Freshman.

Question: Why can't Auburn score more touchdowns on offense? Answer: QB play

 After two games the evidence is there to start making analytical judgement as to the play at this position. I don't like what I'm seeing. Too many times were receivers open and the ball thrown elsewhere into coverage. When coupled with holding onto the ball for entirely too long, this creates bad situations. That is exactly what we have seen thus far, is bad situations.

 I'll admit that late in the game this past week we were spreading the ball around some, but it was too little too late in this writers opinion. Maybe some lessons were learned by our young QB and they will be applied this weekend. One can only hope.

 Ladies and Gentlemen I am here to tell you that Kiehl Frazier is the only healthy choice for Auburn at QB. Clint Moseley could play, but by his own admission he would be of little use in the passing game. The exact place where we need better play. So, ask yourselves this. What advantage would there be to putting in Moseley? Your answer would be nothing. Thus, Coach Chizik has little option to anyone other that Kiehl Frazier.

 As to the "Red Zone" problems that is plaguing this offense? Well, if you can't pass the ball effectively, there is little need of defending that pass. Opposing defenses are "stacking the box". Simply that means they are putting extra defenders on the line to take away most of the running game, and in fact daring Auburn to pass the ball. We know the results thus far have been accurately described by Coach Chizik as "dismal".

 Which brings me to the last question.

Question: Should we fire Gene Chizik? Answer: Are you out of your mind?

 If you think for one second that Gene Chizik should be fired, you are purely acting on your own selfish emotions. Chizik doesn't like where the team is right now any more than we do. He is working to keep their heads in the right place so that the players don't give up in the face of adversity.

 Who do you think got the 2010 team through the adversity that season? Gene Chizik did. I can't think of a better man for the job! This will all pass, and Auburn will be playing sound fundamental football soon. Auburn will compete for championships in the near future, and Gene Chizik will lead them there.

Any more questions?


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