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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Post Game Thoughts vs Miss State

 As I start this post, the game against Mississippi State is not quite over. Although it may as well be, there is that one little glimmer of hope that I will forever hold onto. That faint, blurry light that is my hope, still has some life. 

 The respectable start by the Auburn defense was a sight for sore eyes. Tackles were being made, and a turnover was created. All good signs that point to the inevitable resurgence that is our football program.

 The offense is just that little bit out of sync. Maybe it is way out of sync. I have found myself wondering if Auburn doesn't need a change at QB. Kiehl Frazier just looks like he is in way over his head. All of his pass attempts have been to either Phillip Lutzenkirchen, or Emory Blake. Twice now he had Quan Bray wide open ( one for an easy six points, mind you) and chose to throw into coverage.

 Four turnovers on the road, are not a recipe for winning. Not in any league.

 My only thoughts at this time is that Clint Moseley's throwing shoulder must be much worse than any of us had figured.

 Our defensive unit is tired. Tackles are once again being broken by an opponent, and the offense has not figured out how to keep a drive going all day. This, I am sad to report, is miserable to watch.

 That is the final whistle as Coach Chizik shakes the hand of Dan Mullen at mid field. MSU 28 AU 10 is the score.

 It's tough to see Auburn men struggle like this. Taking nothing away from Miss State, our guys are going to be better one day, just not today. 

War Eagle forever!
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