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Friday, September 14, 2012

One Fans Perspective: The ULM Game


There is no place like home...

  What more can be said about the start to the season for Auburn that hasn't already been said? I'm guessing not much. We all know about the disaster in Starkville. The inept offense, the worn out defense. No sense rehashing all of the negatives. It's time to move forward.


  So how does Auburn beat La Monroe Saturday? It's simple, play AUBURN FOOTBALL! Run the ball to set up the pass. Give QB Kiehl Frazier time to throw. But that's not quite enough. Frazier must look for targets other than Lutz and Blake. He has to read his progressions and find the open man. Throwing into triple and quadruple coverage is just begging for something bad to happen. It is my hope that Offensive Coordinator Scott Loeffler designs some early plays that give Frazier the chance to make some plays to help build back his confidence.  I'm sure he could use that after last Saturday.

Pound the ball...

  The run game has got to produce. Trey Mason, Mike Blakely, and O Mac must be both patient and productive running the ball. Want a guarantee? If Auburn rushes for 200 yards or more this is an easy win. Now the O-Line has to go out, get nasty, and open some holes for these backs to run through.


Hey, Can someone tackle him?!?

  That's got to be on the minds of every Auburn fan right now. Broken tackles are killing this team right now. So let's try something new. STOP the kill shots, wrap up your man, and put him on the ground! And let's do it in 3 plays. Not 10+ per drive. That is to say GET OFF THE FIELD! A fresh Defense will go a long way towards a win.

Ummm, where are our linebackers??

  These three must make more plays. When a defensive back has 18 tackles something is wrong in front of them. It is time for the LBs to take control of the game from a defensive point of view. Get off your block, wrap up, and finish.

What I expect...

  I expect a much more patient offense. The O will do everything in it's power to establish the run. I expect better play calling. I expect the defense to come out a "lay the wood" to establish early dominance. I expect Auburn to win.



  Ok ok ok!! A Sun-Belt conference team went and upset a top 10 SEC team. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and apparently he decided to make an early stop this year thus ULM 34 Arkansas 31. Of course losing their starting QB Tyler Wilson didn't help the cause but give the Warhawks credit. They didn't fold under the pressure and pulled off the huge upset.

  Can it happen again? Well of course it can. That's why they actually play the game on the field. Will it happen again? Maybe sometime this season but not this Saturday.

  Auburn has beaten ULM by an average score of 44-10 in the series. Honestly, maybe we don't get to 44 and maybe they get more than 10 but on the end Auburn wins and wins big. Thus gaining back a little confidence and a little of the swagger they have lost due to the rocky start. They are definitely going to need it with LSU looming next week. (wait til you see who I pick in THAT game!)



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