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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Coach Loeffler Post Game vs Miss State


 There are several things of note in this post game press briefing. Coach Loeffler has indicated that he is 100% supportive of Kiehl Frazier, and that he never entertained the thought of putting in a replacement for Kiehl.

 The run game is not the problem with the offense at this point in time, and the pass plays have been dialed back to give Frazier an opportunity to build some confidence. Thus far this strategy hasn't materialized into results. Fingers are crossed.

 Lastly, when asked about the more technical side of Frazier's game right now, Coach Loeffler is doing all he can to not give his opinions to the media. This,  is actually something that I appreciate Scot doing. There would be nothing good come from an honest answer about Kiehl and his current short comings as a passer.

 We can only hope that progress will be something we see next weekend.


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