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Thursday, September 20, 2012


By: Rick Palmedo


So Auburn got into the win column last week with an OT win over Sun Belt Conference member Louisiana Monroe. It seemed Auburn had taken control of the game in the third quarter taking a 28-14 lead and using a ball control offense to keep the ball away from Monroe. Then disaster struck with a fumble at the one and another interception by Kiehl Frazier. Monroe was able to capitalize and tie the game before Auburn ultimately won on a FG in over time.


After playing a much more Auburn like first half the offense returned to the offense of the first two games in the second half. Miscues, lack of third down conversions and an overall lack of production saw the offense once again leave the defense on the field much too long. Another game like that and this week could get ugly.


No matter what the offense does the defense must make more stops against opposing offenses. That was the case against Monroe in the first half after the first drive of the game. But, once again it all seemed to come apart in the second half. As a result a Sun Belt team was able to take Auburn in to overtime. Something that should NEVER happen.


Hmmm, great question!! Auburn has to play the game for 60 minutes. This team is not deep enough at this point to take plays off. Every snap must be played at 100%. Tackling MUST improve (broken record). The running game has to produce to allow Kiehl the time to make throws in the passing game (broken record).

This team has enough talent to win each and every game they play. They just have to give it their all every snap from whistle to whistle.
Failure to correct these mistakes will make this an ugly game for Auburn as LSU rolls into town sporting a well deserved number 2 ranking in the nation.


So here come the second ranked and undefeated Tigers from Baton Rouge. They are big, strong, extremely talented, and just plain good. Their number one running back is out for the game so at least Auburn has that going for them. Plus this will be the Tigers starting quarterback's first road start. Another positive for Auburn. Finally the game is at night where Jordan-Hare Stadium becomes a visiting teams worst nightmare.

LSwhooo will try to establish the run. They will pound and pound the ball doing all they can to wear down an already suspect Auburn defense. The defense for the "other" Tigers is stout as is usually the case. Their front 7 will cause problems for Auburn's young offense line.
At least Aubie is a much better looking Tiger!!!
Now, all that being said there is a reason they play the game on the field. Just ask Stanford, or Louisiana Monroe. Upsets in college football are as common as Les Miles eating grass or wearing a hat that just doesn't quite fit.


For Auburn to pull the shocker all three phases of the game must click this weekend. And yes I'm saying they will!!


LSU 27
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