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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Best Day Ever!

Christian and his Mom

 The little boy woke up last Saturday looking forward to watching Auburn play against Louisville. His plan was watch it on TV with his Dad and his Papa. He waited all summer to cheer for his Tigers. 

His plans were changed. The following is the story as told by his Mother.

First off, Christian had no clue we were going to an Auburn game.

All he knew was we were going to Georgia, so we could not watch Auburn on T.V. He was bummed about it. Once we got Atlanta we went to the Marta station. There was a wave of Orange and Blue entering the station. Christian still clueless. 

We made it to another station to board a second tram. While we were standing there patiently waiting with about 100 or more other AU fans a very small group of girls chanted "C-A-R-D-S, Cards Cards Cards!" All the Au fans in the station (began to) yell the Bodegetta chant. Christian joined in along with my husband Josh's best friend Ronnie (this was also his first game).  

Just a few days before the game Christian broke my shaker I have had since the Clemson game in 2010. I refused to leave any of it at home. So I took some of the shaker and tied it in my hair. I'm superstitious. 

As we boarded the Marta another AU fan stated he was glad he was on this train, because he was surrounded by red on his last one. The he yelled, "Yeah y'all ain't gonna say nothing now 'cause I got my back up." He also said that at 6:30 there will be a train going eastbound for any Louisville fans. 

We arrived at the GA dome and Josh and I finally told Christian what were doing. He was stoked! Once we figured out where we were going, we went to Tailgate Town. We played corn hole and few other games and won prizes. 

We did not attend Tiger Walk for two reasons, one we were running late for it and two the experience of Tiger Walk is better at home. Which Christian and Ronnie will be able to experience that later this season. A Louisville fan took a picture with Christian. 

When game time neared, we made our way in to the stadium. We found our section. The look on Christian's face was priceless. It was the look of pure amazement. We made it to our seats. When we kicked off you could hear the echo of people saying Warrrrrr Eagle at the kick. 

The interception was unreal. We all jumped up, including Christian. He would holler let's go defense and big D. We sang the fight song. I was hoarse by the end of the first half.  Ronnie was really enjoying himself. You would have never thought two years ago he did not care anything about college football. We changed that. 

Every time Auburn scored a touchdown a pictured was taken of Christian with his hands up in the touchdown position.   As the game to a close of course Christian had to use the restroom. But we made it back just in time to watch the clock run out. I looked at Christian and said " Auburn won!" He said, "Yes!" 

As we were walking out of the stadium and all the way to the Marta station he chanted, "IT'S GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER!" Once we got to the parking lot where our car was at Christian looked up and said, "This was the best day ever!" It is definitely great to be an Auburn TIGER! 

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