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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Support or Criticize? That's the Question

When your team plays unexpectedly below their potential, you start to ask the question "What's wrong?" 
Why didn't coach play ( insert name here )?
What didn't we do right in preparation for the game?

Nothing wrong with asking these type questions.

I am sternly opposed to calling out a certain players name just to criticize that player. I know this: If you think a player didn't play very well, that player knows he didn't play well. Your comments are not contributing to anything good for your team. 

I am not talking about breaking down what went wrong in the game. It's easy to see things were not going the way we expected. 

If you can knowledgeably explain what went wrong, without saying abusive or without personally attacking certain players, then by all means do so. We all want to know what didn't go"right."

That said, I understand the need to blow off some steam, especially when you are disappointed with your teams performance. Lets try to keep our comments as civil as possible. Before you push that post button, ask yourself this: What would be my reaction if someone said this about my kid?

Trust me, this team wants to play great football. They didn't go thru all the hard work this spring/summer without having the goal to be the very best Auburn football team to ever take the field. They want to win Championships. 

Monday night in his weekly Tiger Talk show, Coach Malzahn stated:
"We need some guys to grow up in a hurry."
on Peyton Barber's TD run late in the game:  "He willed us in."

A little different practice strategy of the usual Sunday for the Tigers led Coach Malzahn to say:
"We got in about an hour of practice, really tried to clean up some things and really, we got a head start on LSU too."

Our guys are working hard to get better. Let's be happy with that. Show your support, and leave the criticisms UN-posted.


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