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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Saturday 9/20/15 @ LSU

I've  found myself searching for words;
On an up and down emotional ride!
Part of me feels deep disappointment;
While the rest bursts with Auburn pride!!

Will our young men stay in the fight,
With so much to gain and so much to lose?
Will they pick up speed and continue the race?
Auburn Tigers, which path will you choose?

We have the God given talent!
And the  best coaches to be found!
Now is the time to step up and fight;
It's time to stand your ground!!!

Never let go of that burning desire
To Stay close and support each other!!
With hearts on fire,  fueled with Auburn love;
Ban together and protect your brother!!

Open your eyes to a bright future!!
Close them to the past and never look back!!
Enter the field with tenacity and pride!!
Stay in the battle and on the attack!!!

Our Auburn family’s  built on a firm foundation!!
Our roots are solid and strong!!
We still have the chance to win this race!!
And be back on top where we belong!!

Fight on untiringly Auburn Tigers!!
Uphold the pride of the Orange and blue!
Face LSU fearlessly and Brave;
And to yourselves be true!!!


The poetic tiger

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